Greybridge Creamery

Greybridge Co-op Creamery Ltd. (Est. 1911)

The very first committee meeting of the Co-Op was held at Greybridge on 13th April 1911. A shareholders meeting having been held earlier in the day.
The first committee elected was as follows:
Chairman: V.Rev. C. McNamara, P.P. Bruff,
Secretary: P.J.Hartigan
Treasurers: The Munster & Leinster Bank, Bruff.
Other committee members elected:
Edmond Costello, Jas. J. O’ Meara, John Naughton, Martin J. Hartigan,
J.R.Hartigan, Michael Coleman, J. Gleeson, Thomas Connolly, James Mulcahy, Tim Long, P.J. McCarthy.
Tenders wer sent out for the erection of a creamery on Edmond Costelloes land which was acquired for this purpose. A tender from John Reardon of Caherline to erect the creamery including the stone wall to carry shafting for a sum of £300.00 was accepted unanimously. Machinery from the “Creamery Supply Co. Ltd.” was installed at a total cost of £905.00.
The Greybridge Co-Operative creamery opened for business on Monday March 12th, 1912, Martin O’ Brien having been appointed manager on the 12th of January, 1912 at an annual salary of £70.00.
Austin Cregan, Holycross closed the doors as the last Creamery Manager in 1987 meaning that Greybridge Co-Operative Creamery came and went within 75 years during the 20th Century.